Tuesday, December 15, 2009

First RE Appointment

Praise the Lord... overall the appt went really well. We still have to discuss which option we want to go with, if we continue with medical assistance, but our options are:
  • Another cycle of Clomid & an HCG (or trigger) shot with ultrasound monitoring of course
  • Injectables
He will actually go up to 200 mg Clomid & doesn't see a problem with that. I did ask about Femera (a drug very similar to Clomid) & he said that he quit using it in his practice years ago. He just doesn't feel that it is better than or even comparable to Clomid. Honestly, I was kinda hoping to try Femera since I have heard so many success stories about it, especially ones of people who don't respond to Clomid well, respond to Femera beautifully... but at this RE, it ain't gonna happen.

He's probably not as open-minded as I would have hoped (i.e. Femera) but he seemed okay. I wasn't just totally thrilled with him but not discouraged either (Mike just told me that he wasn't to fond of the RE ). He did say that I get bonus points & may even get the "favorite patient of the year" award b/c I had copies of charts, past lab work, the works in my binder that I carried with me. He really loved all that!

The good news... he said that he thought we have a good chance at getting pregnant b/c:
  1. I'm young... 32
  2. Hubby's semen analysis that was done a few months ago was good
  3. I got pregnant with Clomid just a few months ago
He did take some blood & is checking my TSH (I'm hypo so he just wants to see how it looks currently) & my progesterone. I know he's running a few more tests but those are the main 2 he wants to check on me right now. I have a follow-up appt next week to discuss those results (Tuesday at 10 I believe but I'm too lazy to get up & find the appt card to be sure ).

So now we have to check with the insurance & see what they cover & make a choice... another cycle of Clomid, adding the HCG/trigger shot or be more aggressive with Injectables. He did give me hope that *maybe* my insurance might cover some of the cost of injectables since they apparently covered some of the cost of Clomid. I only know that I payed $10 for Clomid but of course it was generic.

Just another note... you know he started talking about why the Clomid worked once but since then I haven't been responding to it & he said... it's just one of those mysteries. I didn't say this but I was thinking... oh, it's no mystery at all. It was a miracle from God & why I didn't respond since... b/c I truly believe that He is making sure I know that no amount of medicine is going to work w/o His will so that I don't mistakenly think that the medicine got me pregnant but that He was fulfilling that promise to me.

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