Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Answered Prayer!!! =)

So as I was working at the church, helping prepare for a huge ministry outreach over the weekend, I started talking to someone (another church member) about various things, one being my infertility. Well, come to find out she did IVF & has a lot of leftover injectables (Follistim) which, if you remember, is EXACTLY what the RE wanted to put me on (First RE Appointment) but of course we're still in the middle of our 6 month medical assistance break until July. Anyway, she said that she would give it to me for FREE! Thousands of dollars, I'm sure, worth of meds for free! I am so very grateful. This is an answered prayer. I've been waffling between the injecatbles & yet another round of Clomid b/c of the price & was leaning toward the Clomid for at least one or two more cycles & have been praying for guidance. Well, I think this is pretty clear... injectables, especially since He is providing them for me.

By the way, the 6 month break is going GREAT! It has really relieved a lot of stress & I am probably enjoying a bit too much. I NEVER want to get as obsessed as I have been again. And I can't believe I'm OVER half way through the break (about 2.5 more months to go); the months have literally been flying by!

The Lord is truly sufficient & provides ALL our needs! Thank you so much Lord! I love you & depend on You every day of my life!

Your faithful servant,

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