Friday, September 17, 2010

CD 9 update... Endometriosis???

Well, everything looked "on target" according to the nurse for this day in my cycle... My estradiol level was 148 & I have about 5 follies, with the biggest being about 11 mm. Of course they want to see them at 15 mm or more to be mature so we have more growing to do, which is exactly what I pretty much expected to hear today. I am to continue Follistim for 3 more days & return Monday to see how everything looks.

However, comparing today's results with last cycle's results (CD 9 ultrasound & bloodwork update), I'm not sure what what to think really since my last cycle of injectables on CD 9 my estradiol was 310 & my largest follie was ~ 14 mm. Of course my last cycle of injectables was a bust so maybe this is GOOD news!

Okay now of course something wacky has to happen every time I see the dr about infertility & today's appt didn't disappoint (unfortunately) so... I have a cyst of some sort just hanging out with my 5 little follies. She used the term endometrioma b/c it is "grainy looking" & isn't filled with fluid. She said that they'd keep an eye on it & if it goes away, GREAT but if it doesn't then the dr might want to do surgery sometime in the future to check things out. I did specifically ask if this new cyst would affect trying to conceive this cycle & b/c I have 5 growing follies she said it wouldn't; that it is just "hanging out" with the other follies.

She asked if anyone has ever mentioned that I have cysts or anything & of course the first thing that popped in my mind was PCOS but of course no one has ever mentioned that to me other than one dr who mentioned it in passing when she saw that my testosterone was higher than my estrogen & did mention it but it really went no further than that. I have never been diagnosed with PCOS or endometriosis & no one has really mentioned it since. Not exactly sure what this means... could I have PCOS and/or endo & just never knew???

I got pregnant right before I was about to have a laproscopy last year so we didn't need to investigate things after all & I have had to have a cyst removed from my ovary almost 10 years ago now but that cyst was a teratoma & as far as I know, not associated with PCOS or endo. I don't really know & I'm not going to spend my time worrying about it. I have an overwhelming sense of peace about this cycle... I've given it to God & we WILL get pregnant in His time. But I did mention to a friend, it will be a MIRACLE if/when we get pregnant. It was a MIRACLE that we even got pregnant last year. My body is so dysfunctional it amazes me that I ever got pregnant to begin with. Of course, God is in the MIRACLE business. Praise the Lord!

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