Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1st injectables cycle RE follow-up appt update

So, nothing new to report, really. Basically he said my cycle was wacky, which we already knew so the plan is to up my dose next cycle (from 150 IUs) to 225 IUs to hopefully as he put it, "give me a better response." I did learn something new actually. If you remember, on CD 12 when my follies had "no significant changes"... well, apparently they were smaller than the previous ultrasound on CD 9 but my Estradiol level, as you remember, had increased so we stimmed 3 more days. Basically as he put it everything still looked pretty good on CD 12 (Friday) but sometime over that weekend my cycle went to crap (okay so he said s***) but I'm paraphrasing here! And he said that sometimes upping the dose will give a better response so that's the plan.

I do have to say that this appt actually went fairly well in that I saw some humility in his composure. He just didn't seem nearly as arrogant as he had in the past. It is soooooooooo hard to adjust to a new dr & to really click with that dr. I have always LOVED my OB but kinda undecided about the RE. I didn't like him or dislike him but it really does take a bit to develop that relationship. I remember it took at least 6 months or more before I started warming up to my OB. Actually, to be honest, I didn't really warm up to him until AFTER the miscarriage. It was that event that I could see the care & concern all over his face & that is when I knew he was a very good & loving dr. And actually this RE & my OB are fishing buddies so I am still giving this RE the benefit of the doubt & see what happens next. Ultimately, I know God is in control & we WILL be successful if it is God's will.


  1. Praying and believing with you.

  2. I will also pray and believe with you Amanda. It will happen, I'm sure your baby is already on its way. Keep believing!