Tuesday, September 21, 2010

CD 13 update... Triggering tonight!!!

Sooooooooo... my ultrasound this morning went AMAZING!!! I have 7 follies & 1 is mature at 18 mm. Go me!!! No, scratch that... Go God!!! He is the ONLY reason this cycle is working at all. He may be using injectables to achieve a pregnancy (like He used Clomid last cycle) but there is no doubt in my mind that it is solely Him at work here & not medicine. Without His will this cycle would fail just like every other medicated cycle that has failed (all of them except 1, that is). The glory belongs to Him & Him alone! Praise the Lord. I am so excited. This just might be THE cycle.

My estradiol level went down (from 480 yesterday to 379 today) which is probably not the greatest news but I'm still excited that we got the go ahead to trigger.

If this isn't the cycle his nurse told me that he wants to see me BEFORE starting a new cycle so my next appt is set for Oct 7th at 9 am. Uh-oh, I'm in trouble! My body is apparently just not very cooperative or something & he is probably going to want to discuss other options or surgery or something, I don't really know but that's my guess. Lord, please let this work!

I listened & sang along (loudly) to one of my favorite songs that our choir sings, Mountain Mover (if you listen to the demo though I just wanted to add that our choir sounds so much better than the demo... we have an AWESOME choir ), this morning & yesterday morning right before my appointment & again after my appointment this morning. I'm believing that God is going to move this mountain & we WILL get pregnant.

Let me share a few of the lyrics that just really speak to me from that song...

My God is a mountain mover.
My God's gonna make a way.
Can't count all the times He's proven we can trust Him; just have faith.
Take a hopeless situation, watch Him turn it all around.
Nothing is impossible; I can't hold back, I've gotta shout!
My God, my God, my God is a mountain mover!

I just LOVE singing this song!!!

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