Friday, September 10, 2010

2nd injectable cycle, CD 2 ultrasound...

So the RE appt went well... apparently, my ovary likes to hide a lot! She must be shy, kinda like me, huh? But according to the nurse, that's okay... they'd rather not see them than to see a big ole' cyst so she gave me the go ahead to start injections. We start Sunday night & my next RE appt is next Friday at 8:45 am. I am using the pen & catridges this cycle verses the vials I used last cycle since they really seem easier & m0re convenient & cost the same as the vials with my insurance. Praise the Lord for insurance!

And apparently that trip that Mike was going to have to go on at the end of this month that he said might not happen is & isn't going to happen after all. LOL Okay I know that was kinda confusing so... He was going to have to go to KY but that trip did get cancelled, however at the last minute now he is going to AR so while the 1st trip DID get cancelled another popped up & took its place. Wow, God is good... thank you so much, Lord, for working out the timing!

I"m excited to see what this cycle brings & have a REALLY good feeling about this one!

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