Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Bracelet!!!

I finally bought the #814 embroidery thread! (Infertility's Common Thread)

But as you can see my right arm is getting kinda busy, huh???

The blue thread is my "Believing God" bracelet from Beth Moore's Believing God Bible study. This is the 1st Bible study that I have ever done & it was actually given to me as a gift. I honestly believe it was a *God-thing* because I really needed it when I got it & it was free & very unexpected. I didn't know which way to turn or understand but this study answered all those questions & really gave me roots or a foundation to build upon. He provides for us when we need it & this bracelet is my way of remembering that & His faithfulness.

The charm bracelet is my memorial bracelet for my precious angel baby. As you know I was blissfully pregnant last year (actually next cycle, a year ago, is when I finally got pregnant after 3 years of infertility) for 11 full weeks when I had a miscarriage (My Miscarriage Story, Remembering My Sweet Angel). Anyway, this bracelet is one way I remember my sweet angel & I carry her around with me where ever I go.

There is actually a necklace that I want but it's a bit pricey... maybe one day!

I almost bought an awareness ribbon to put on my infertility bracelet but with the charm bracelet I thought I wouldn't just yet but if I ever buy the necklace, I just may!

I mentioned that the bracelet is one way I remember my angel. Well, I also have her pic on my mantel with my other family pics & just like I hug my 14 year old son every night before bed; I kiss baby's picture every night & tell her "Night, night." Both of these things (the pic on my mantel & the charm bracelet) just help me feel like she is with me every day & it also helps me to go on with my life because I can tell you, I can't imagine life without her. I am the mother of 2, one here on earth & the other in heaven.

Wow, this has been an emotional post for me today but emotional in a good way... I'd much rather shed a few tears & grieve over my lost child than to not have any feelings for her at all. I LOVE remembering her & talking about her, though a few tears may be shed. Thanks so much for listening to me pour my heart out.

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  1. Your bracelets are wonderful Amanda! Your faith is quite a testament!