Friday, March 12, 2010

My Infertility Playlist

End of November/beginning of December was probably the lowest point in this infertility journey for me; knowing that yes, I would have to see an RE. It really felt like a death sentence of sorts to me mainly b/c I know we can afford to do Clomid as long as it takes so I was comfortable in the OB's office doing Clomid but the thought of an RE scared me to death... how much is this going to cost & can we really afford it? And if we can't afford it, will we ever have a miracle baby? Honestly, in my mind & heart, it was the beginning of the death of a dream*.

* Though now I think I made more of it than it really was even though the money thing still scares me a bit but I'm trusting Him to provide so I'm not letting it get to me the way it initially did & honestly I wish I wouldn't have let it get to me like it did before; I shouldn't have let Satan win temporarily like I did.

That being said, I decided in January that I wanted to create a custom CD with really encouraging/uplifting songs; especially songs about faith... my very own infertility playlist! I am so excited about creating this CD so that anytime infertility starts becoming too much to bear, I can pop it in, remember His faithfulness, & sing praise & worship to my Savior & best friend, Jesus Christ. So here's my custom *infertility mix*:

Wow! I'm not sure that all of them are going to fit on 1 CD! I think the list is finally complete though (after 3 months of searching for my favorite songs ) but if you have any suggestions, please share. I honestly can't wait till my CD(s) are done!

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