Saturday, August 7, 2010

CD 12 update

Warning: This is probably my longest post ever!

So yesterday's appt... no significant changes! What?! Yep, my follies were about the same size as previously (~ 1 cm is exactly what she said & last time if you remember they were ~ 1.4 cm or 14 mm). She did say though that my uterine lining looks excellent for implantation! Woo-hoo! So my instructions are to continue 3 more days with 150 IUs of Follistim & follow up with an appt on Monday at 8:45 am. I don't know the exact Estradiol level since they called & left a message while I was in the mandatory homeschooling meeting that I had to go to yesterday so I plan to ask about it Monday when I go for my appt. Oh & Monday is going to be another long day for me, like yesterday. I have the RE appt at 8:45 am & an appt with my thyroid dr at 2 pm. Geez, I might just need to move into my dr's office or something. I sure do wish I lived closer though.

Oh & I think I *may* have ovulated yesterday. I don't know & at this point I just about don't care. I've given it to God & He's in control. I refuse to stress about it. Yesterday at about 3 pm I felt what in every other past cycle has been ovulation pains. They are dull achy pains in or around my ovary that usually last hours & this is exactly what happened (it lasted all night & into this morning). Only time will tell... I assume they can tell me Monday when I go back for monitoring again. Of course I do have a friend who goes to the same dr as I do & is doing the same treatment & she said that this kind of pain is normal & that I shouldn't be concerned so I'm just waiting till Monday & we'll see, I suppose. (By the way, if you wanna check out my chart this cycle, you can HERE.)

I did leave the appt yesterday in a much better mood than I left with Tuesday actually. I actually left kinda chuckling in my head. If you only knew EVERYTHING I have been through this week... I don't think anyone would blame me for just wanting to crawl in a hole & crying but I do not feel that way at all. It is actually kinda comical & I can't help but laugh at all of it.

So Tuesday's appt:
  • it took an hour to get back there to get my ultrasound done & when I did get back there I just felt like the nurse didn't talk/explain much of anything... I had to ask specifically what was going on or she wasn't going to tell me (all she had started to say was "Everything looks pretty good" & she was going to leave it at that adding that they'd call me to tell me what the dr said). I specifically asked how my follies looked... she wasn't going to volunteer any information though she did mention my uterine lining looked good. I even laid on the table wondering if she could even find my ovary & was kinda panicking thinking something must be wrong if she isn't mentioning them.
  • oh & when I finally got back there she put me in a room, with absolutely NO INSTRUCTIONS. Then she came back & said, "Oh you don't have your bottoms off yet" & I was like, no... you haven't told me what to do & so I didn't know exactly what we were doing or what was going to happen (since this is my first injectable cycle so I'm still learning the process )
  • okay so then I go to leave & cars are parked so close to my car (on EVERY side) that I actually thought I might not be able to get out of the parking spot. It took some real doing to wriggle myself out of that tight fit.
  • I also had to order MORE Follistim which of course costs more money (which if they would have just ordered extra with my 1st order it would have been cheaper for me with my insurance coverage... I pay the same amount/deductible regardless if I order 1 vial or 10 so really they should have just ordered more than enough with the 1st order but I'm actually going to give them the benefit of the doubt here... they didn't necessarily know that so they may have thought they were saving me money by not ordering meds I may not need).
  • Okay but I'm not giving them the benefit of the doubt here... the pharmacy called & the nurse apparently called my prescription in to a DIFFERENT pharmacy which does not have free shipping so I'm paying $13 extra for shipping. So the 2nd order of Follistim actually costs MORE than the 1st order of Follistim + Trigger. Why didn't she just call it in to the same pharmacy that they used the 1st time?! Actually I had a different nurse so I'm sure that's why. The 1st nurse talked to me about the best & cheapest pharmacy to use while the other nurse just seems like she doesn't care since she's not paying for it. Oh & I realize that I pay A LOT less than a lot of people pay. I am VERY blessed & appreciative that I am fortunate enough to have Fertility coverage but my issue is with the nurse that just doesn't seem to care.
  • And then the pharmacy called me back to tell me my FSA isn't covering the cost of the 2nd script of Follistim. WHAT?! So yeah, I had to use my personal credit card which of course is Mike's money. I stay at home so I just feel guilty about that & was really grateful for the FSA.
  • Not to mention that my next appt was Friday (yesterday), on the same day that I have/had a MANDATORY homeschooling meeting. So I was hoping & praying that I could get out of the appt in time to get back home so I can carry Austin to the meeting, which I did get to do it all though I was gone from 7:15 am till 4:30 pm

So now, yesterday's appt:

  • We need to order yet MORE Follistim & of course the other 2 places it was ordered from were out of state & they had to overnight the meds to me so of course I kinda asked how we would get the meds since I was completely out & they said, oh you can just get them from the pharmacy located right behind the RE's office (so this is my 3rd pharmacy now). What?! Ummm, why couldn't I get my last prescription there & save $13 in shipping. I will say that at this point I had a heart to heart with the nurse & said to PLEASE order me more than enough since I pay the same price if I order 1 vial or 10. Well, praise the Lord, she ordered me 10 vials! I think I have enough (or mostly enough) for another cycle if I need it. LOL Which of course I won't since this cycle is going to work!
  • Not to mention when I told her I had NO meds left she asked about the prescription she called in. Well, apparently the pharmacy messed up... the prescription she sent in was for two 150 IU vials & they sent two 75 IU vials.
So by the time I left yesterday's appt I just had to laugh at all the stuff that has been going on. I really think it is Satan attacking... it just seems toooooooo much for it to be coincidence, ya know.

I have 2 wonderful, wonderful Christ-loving friends (C & K) that really picked me up after Tuesday's appt though & I think that may have had a lot to do (note Ecclesiastes 4:12, "Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken") with my actually really good mood yesterday despite my follies not responding after an additional 3 days of meds. C, I think, really hit the nail on the head. She said that this is my wilderness & that my promised land is just right around the corner. The next morning I did a free-form Bible study (The Story of Moses, Lessons From the Story of Moses, Turn Your Desert Into a Productive Spiritual Retreat) & it all came together. THIS IS MY WILDERNESS, my time of relying on the Lord. I'm about to enter my promised land (having a baby) so I've got to rely on God... He will conquer my enemies & we will inhabit the land... soon!

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