Saturday, June 5, 2010

Preparing for the rain! =)

Remember the parable I spoke about in a recent post, Pearls and Grace...

There were two farmers, neighbors, both praying for rain for their crops - for their livelihood. After praying, one farmer waited for the rain; the other farmer went to his field and started preparing for rain. Which one do you think had the greater faith?

Well, I just purchased, last weekend, a beautiful nightgown that will be just perfect for my stay in the hospital when we finally welcome a baby into the world. It's blue... my absolute favorite color & buttons up at the top (perfect for breastfeeding, which I think I would like to try to do) & it's a night gown instead of pajamas (which is typically all I own LOL). I will be having a repeat c-section so I thought the night gown would be the easiest for me & anyone who helps me the few days after the surgery & because it is a nightgown, there is no waist band to press down on the incision.

Isn't it just gorgeous?!

Actually I splurged a bit to buy it (not much but when you are counting every dollar like we are, every single dollar counts). I put it in my shopping cart & carried it around, praying about it... should I splurge or shouldn't I? I really wanted it but I haven't checked to see what nightgowns might be at the Thrift Store yet AND a hospital stay seems so far away that what if I find a different one a few months from now that I like even more than this one. I had decided that b/c I hadn't checked the Thrift Store yet I would at least look around there first & then maybe buy this one at Wal-Mart later if I didn't find anything else. Plus maybe I could find it on sale in a few months. So on my way to electronics, after I had made my mind up, I saw a beautiful baby boy that made eye contact with me... we literally locked eyes & in that moment I really felt like God was telling me to splurge so I did.

I was actually kinda afraid that our grocery bill was going to be about $20 over what it normally is with the nightgown... that was one of the main reasons I wanted to check the Thrift Store first; to save money. Well, I ended up spending about what I NORMALLY spend anyway so it really kinda felt like I was getting it for free & it was yet another gift from the Lord. Wow! He is just so good to me! Thank you so much Lord. I love you & praise Your Holy Name!


  1. It's beautiful and I can't WAIT to see a picture of you holding your new little one while wearing it! <3

  2. It's so funny that you talk about this parable! I was reminded of it about 4 years ago in the movie "Facing the Giants" It held special meaning to our hearts since they were specifically adressing infertility and trusting God. After Hubby and I watched it, we cried, and the next day he bought me a Mother's Day gift, in faith knowing our child would come. Every year after that he would buy little baby outfits in Faith, preparing for rain. I had it in my blog too :)
    I am glad you are preparing for rain, and the gown is just lovely :)

  3. I'm so moved by your story because my husband did something similar. After our first couple of miscarriages, I had a friend who was going to sell her son's baby furniture at a consignment sale. I bought it from her on faith. I knew that we would either have our own child or adopt, and that was my way of showing God that I believed. We put it all up in the nursery and lived with it that way for over a year. Some days it was hard to see, but most days it showed me what was to come. And it made it alot easier when I was pregnant! :-)