Saturday, January 23, 2010

Interesting infertility information...

from my reading of The Infertility Companion by Glahn & Cutrer.

Is there a scientific link between fertility & prayer? It would appear so. Researchers in one study discovered that women at an IVF clinic had higher pg rates when, unknown to the patients, total strangers prayed for their success. In the study, researchers found that of the 199 women involved, those who were prayed for became pg twice as often as those who were not the focus of prayer. The researchers said they initially hesitated to report their findings but ultimately decided the information was too significant to suppress. None of the patients knew about the study, nor did the medical staff caring for them.
(pg 141)
Research suggests that IVF babies' families are stable & strong. In fact, couples who hae had a child with some high-tech help have marriages that are as strong or stronger than couples who have not struggled with infertility.
(pg 159)

Personally I believe your marriage comes out STRONGER. If your marriage can survive infertility, I think it can survive just about anything.

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