Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pre-Admission Testing - Check!

So I went yesterday to register with the hospital & let them draw some blood & other such things in preparation for my upcoming laprascopy. The pre-admission building wasn't too hard to find though I do have a pretty ironic story about that...

I have never been to this particular building before so of course I used my handy dandy GPS to find it (I LOVE that thing ). Anyway, I turned into the wrong parking lot. I turned into a small shopping area in the adjacent lot next to the building I was looking for. Simple mistake so I go to turn around & as I do I see a local baby furniture store. *sigh* I sat there a minute & took a deep breathe, just staring at the store front. "One day," I told myself, "One day!" (Though I'm not going to lie... some days are better than others. )

Okay so the appointment itself wasn't too bad but apparently this is more of a major surgery than I initially thought. They gave me a little device to use to help get the anesthesia out of my lungs after the surgery (which of course I wasn't really expecting but then again I've never had this done before so what do I know about what to expect ). Apparently it's called an incentive spirometer:


I haven't had one of these things in a loooooooooooong time. Anyway, nothing much to update... we're just one step closer to surgery!

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  1. Hey Amanda- glad you found my blog! I look forward to getting to know you better. By the way, I had a diagnostic lap done last year where they found mild endo and blocked tubes. I didn't have to use that incentive spiro thingy but I did develop a little cough afterwards which I'm sure was from the anesthesia. Anyway, the Jonah study is intended to be used with the DVD's (which I didn't realize when I bought it) but I've been doing it anyway and am still getting a lot out of it. I think the DVD's are probably just an overview of the week and discussion time. Nice to meet you and good luck with your lap!