Monday, April 12, 2010

Have you heard???

RESOLVE is getting the word out about infertility through their "What IF" campaign. Check it out, Bloggers Unite: Project IF. The first part of the campaign lasts till Friday, the 16th, if you want to add your "What if" question! I know I'm posting a little late but I've been crazy busy lately!

My what if??? What if I misunderstood God when I believe I heard Him tell me we WOULD have a baby? What if I never get pregnant? You can read more about my fear (which I refuse to give in to, by the way) in a post I made just a few weeks ago, Hannah's Friends (check out the bottom of the post). Though I do have a HUGE praise to share regarding this (Answered Prayer).

While blog-hopping I also ran across this amazing organization for those of us going through infertility... Fertility Socks! What a wonderful, cute, sweet idea! Definitely worth checking out.

Also be sure to check out Nat Geo, tomorrow the 13th, if you can for the program, "Sizing Up Sperm." I've heard it's VERY informative! I haven't seen it yet but I plan on watching/recording it tomorrow!

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