Monday, February 21, 2011

God's Perfect Timing!

God is so good!!! I can barely believe it but as of today, we have the most beautiful crib in the world! Well, the most beautiful crib in my eyes anyway!

A close up of the headboard/backboard...

I bought this crib for my sister back when my niece was born years ago & now it's mine! And it's all thanks to God & HIS perfect timing...

My mom & sister (who live together) were moving & have been trying to move into this new place for MONTHS now. They wanted to be in before Christmas but alas that didn't happen... God's timing is never our timing, is it? So they finally got to move in just a little over a week ago. Well, my niece's birthday party was last weekend & after the party I dropped by their new place to look it over & I noticed that my niece's bed wasn't set up & instead another bed sat in it's place. I was, of course, a little confused. Long story short, the crib is a convertible crib & is supposed to convert to a full size bed but they couldn't figure out how to do that so they just set up ANOTHER bed & was going to get rid of the crib/bed but thankfully God worked it all out so that I'd show up when I did, notice that the bed was missing, & inquire into it which led to ME getting the bed. If they would have moved in earlier I may never have known about the crib & may never have gotten it but God knew & He worked it all out. Praise the Lord! We picked it up today & it isn't fully set up yet... we're still missing a few screws but I'm sure we can find them from a local hardware store or Babies R' Us (where we originally bought the bed in the first place).

One of the amazing things about this story though is just how much I ADORE this crib. I have ALWAYS loved this crib from the very beginning but I wanted to do something really special for my sister so I bought her the crib that I secretly longed to be buying for myself. And ever since buying this crib for her, every time I'd look at cribs online, dreaming of the day I'd finally get to buy one for myself, deep down I always kinda compared my sister's crib to whatever I might be looking at/dreaming of. I have never once been jealous really (I have always been very happy to have bought her such a beautiful crib) but this one has always been that "dream" crib for me... you know the one that you use to compare all other cribs to. Anyway, little did I know that I was actually buying that crib for myself way back when.

God is so good & this is a huge reminder that we are just one step closer to the baby that I know He is preparing JUST for us. Praise the Lord & thank you from the bottom of my heart! Only He knows what this truly means to me!

By the way, I know it's been a little quite around here lately... we are into the 2nd month of trying to conceive naturally. I will def update you when there is more to update.

And speaking of perfect timing, Elaine over on God's Faithfulness Through Infertility wrote an awesome post on God's timing & our asking "WHY?" It was just what I needed to hear last weekend & is a GREAT reminder of just how perfect His timing truly is... We always want answers as to “Why?”. Here is one.


  1. That's awesome- glad you got your crib! I've been meaning to ask you how the Jonah study was going.

  2. God works in mysterious ways. Who would have thought that you bought the crib for yourself years ago. What an amanzing story, I believe with you that God had a good reason for you to get this crib NOW. A friend of mine bought a stroller when she wasn't even pregnant. She had a m/c before that, but she always knew that she would have a baby. She now is a proud mother of two. I plan on buying a stroller next year before we move back to the States. (I like the German/European Strollers better.) God is in control.
    I'll keep praying for you Amanda.

    BTW Elaine had another great posting today. I'm so glad I found her blog through you.

    Have a blessed day.


    P.S. I still haven't started an English blog, but you'll get all of our updates trough Facebook or JM.