Tuesday, October 5, 2010

AF showed right on schedule this morning =(

So obviously this isn't *the* cycle. I was so hopeful it would be too. RE appt Thursday, yay! *insert sarcasm here* Sorry ... I'm just getting tired of this ride & I want off plus I'm a little concerned about what he's going to say/suggest Thursday. Injectables are NOT going like they should. I keep having a premature LH surge. The one thing I can say from this journey is that it was a miracle that I got pregnant with Austin almost 15 years ago, it was a miracle that I got pregnant last year with only the help of Clomid & it will be a miracle if I EVER get pregnant again. And when I say "miracle," I mean a divine miracle from God Himself. There is no way it will ever happen again for me without His hand & His will.

I will say though that I'm taking it better than I did even just a year ago. I know that God's will is always best for us so this is the best path for me. And I'm believing that it WILL happen but it just looks so hopeless at times. Of course that's usually when the Lord steps in & delivers a miracle. I just have to keep reminding myself of these 2 facts.


  1. I'm so sorry Amanda. I really hoped this was your cycle too. I remember feeling so hopeless. Trusting God completely but still being so frustrated and angry. I am praying for you, and for your doctors. Is there anyway they can control your O better? repress it so that you O only when it's time and you can have an iui to boost the odds?

  2. Awwww, thank you! =) I don't really know about controlling O better but I have been doing a little research & from what I am reading it appears that they can add a GnRH antagonist (some brand names are Ganirelix & Cetrotide) which will suppress the LH surge but I'm not sure if that is what he is going to suggest or not... from my reading it looks like it is more common in IVF. I'll just have to wait till tomorrow & see but at least it gives me some hope that we will get to move forward with medication since my main worry was that he'd say medicine isn't going to help or that my only option is IVF since IVF isn't an option for us. =)

    IUI - I don't think we need one honestly... DH has GREAT swimmers & we got pg easily once we actually made me O successfully last year with Clomid. However, I am learning that nothing is certain on this journey & it may be that we make me O & time things well but don't get pg in which case maybe IUI would/should be considered. I just think that right now, it isn't very important to think about since I really believe we can/will get pg if I can just O successfully which I haven't done yet with these injectables, I don't believe, since I keep having premature LH surges. *blush*

    I have a lot of peace today & faith that we will get pg! =)