Monday, July 26, 2010

Here we go...

Well, AF showed last night so I called the RE this morning to get my first injectable cycle underway. My 1st appt is tomorrow at 10:30 am to do some bloodwork & an ultrasound.

For anyone who does not know what an injectable cycle is like, here is a summary of my "instructions" from the RE:

  1. Call to schedule a baseline ultrasound, which will be performed on cycle day 2, 3, or 4 to determine if there are ovarian cysts prior to starting injections.
  2. If the ultrasound is normal, begin injections on day 4 & continue several days before being monitored again.
  3. For the next monitoring appt (usually around day 9), I get to have another ultrasound performed & a blood test (estradiol level). Dosage may be adjusted depending on my response to the meds.
  4. Hopefully (unless something unforseen happens), continue injections & return to the RE for monitoring over the next 1-3 days until my follicles are mature & ready for ovulation.
  5. When my follies are mature, I get to take my final injection of HCG (aka my trigger shot).
  6. No IUI so we get to skip this instruction on my instruction sheet.
  7. No strenuous activity. I am allowed to take Tylenol but avoid medications such as Anaprox (never heard of this one LOL), Advil, or Motrin.
  8. 2 weeks after the HCG shot I can take a pg test if AF is a no show!

I kinda wish AF wouldn't have showed b/c I definitely would rather not do injectables but I am excited to see what this cycle holds. I know the Lord is with me & I can't wait to see how He answers my prayers. No matter what, I'm trusting Him.

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